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2019-11-05 21:55:46

It’s my third week in ThoughtWorks. And today afternoon, Sam who worked in REA and on business trip here made a session. Obviously, in English. I didn’t understand most contents. Almost all of the session for me is difficully. Except English, I also cannot understand some abbreviations and I didn’t used the services and tools which he refered.

Tomorrow, I’ll show a card to customers which I paired with Benqing. To tell them what we did and what we are going to do for this card.

Emmm.. How to say, it’s magically, working in a foreign company. Lots of smart people and interesting colleagues. Before I entried TW I thought that this is not a company with good technology, but I’m wrong, at least I am the worst one.

Keep going, man! Don’t be discouraged! When you want to do something succed, just like you want breath every second, you will success.

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